Established in 1967, "Tai Peng Valve Limited Partnership" started as a manufacture of valve and accessory equipment applicable to pipeline system, both residential and industrial. The company was originally located on Bang Khuntien, Bangkok.

In 1985, the company had decided to extend the business under the name of "Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd." and had moved the location to Bang Plee District in Samut Prakarn Province. Overseeing the importance of qualified production, TP Valve has improved its production process in terms of better application which obviously satisfies user's behavior.

Presently, TP Valve is having a significant turn of international extension. In order to meet users' requirement and satisfaction, modern production technology and quality control process are brought to our company influencing a strong international standard reputation.


Quality Policy
Reborn with experience and technology, TP Valve has its 53-year experience as a qualified producer and distributor of brass valve fitting. We continuously develop our production process and technology in order to meet "Global" standard. This indicates an obvious increase in our product capacity and quality. Each product is accurately verified till reaches our customers. Ensuring client's satisfaction, we guarantee with our best after sale service. For us, priority is what we provide to our customers.